When was the last time you visited the dentist? Or can you even remember? Most of us tend to put off that dreaded trip to the dentist, either we don’t have time, it’s inconvenient or we are simply scared of the idea. The thing that eventually gets us there, is when something goes wrong with our teeth, and here is the problem!

Prevention is supremely better than cure and this is why getting your oral health check is so important. Infrequency of dental check-ups causes a wide range of problems for your oral health and your dentist, not only does it encourage bad oral hygiene, but it exposes you to a wider range of diseases. The below reasons will make you think again before skipping your next dental visit!

Dental hygiene

The cleaning part of a dental check-up is often overlooked, however it is a crucial component to keeping your teeth happy and healthy. A professional oral clean, also known as a full scale and polish helps to maintain and remove build-up of plaque, surface staining and hardened calcium. Your gums will also be examined for signs of nasty gum diseases, which your dentist can then treat or prevent.

Check for More Severe Ilness

Oral cancer checks are a major incentive to attend a regular check-up. Your dentist is specially trained to look for signs and changes within your oral environment that are associated with oral cancer. These observations will be recorded by your dentist for future monitoring.

Predict and Prevent
In comparison to our own eyes and a mirror, your dentist’s expertise and knowledge is no match! Dentists are equipped to both predict and prevent harmful issues that can develop in your teeth and gums. Problems such as tooth decay and gum disease can easily be identified by your dentist at an early stage, instead of losing a tooth or multiple teeth completely, you may only require a simple filling. This then saves time, money and pain!

Personalised Dental Advice

Every individual is built different, therefore every mouth is different. Your dentist can assess your oral environment and provide you with personalised recommendations and feedback on how to maintain and encourage a healthy mouth. If you are grinding your teeth in your sleep, your dentist will know – the solution a custom nightguard to sleep in! Oddly shaped teeth with food getting trapped? Let your dentist show you how to floss and brush in a way that suits your teeth.

How often should you go for an oral check-up?
It is advised by the Australian Dental Association (ADA) that once every 6 months is a safe regularity, more often if you have concerns. Ultimately, dental check-ups are dependent on individual circumstances and can be more frequent on the condition of the patient.

Here at Mingara Dental our regular patient check-ups, also known as your regular active maintenance appointment, will include all the necessary dental treatments as mentioned above. So, now that you know why getting your oral health check is so important, don’t prolong your visit any longer!
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