2021 what a ride it has been so far, now is the perfect time to think about what makes you happy, and if having the smile of your dreams is up there on your hit list, then go for it!

Your smile is the window into your personality. Smiles are critical to people’s perception of your character, and when you are happy with your smile this in turn gives you confidence and increases self- esteem.

Are you embarrassed to show your smile? Experienced and qualified dentists can help you to modify your smile using cosmetic dentistry techniques.

What is Cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry refers to a range of dental procedures used to restore damaged teeth or replace missing teeth. This can involve a range of dental treatment including dental implants, Teeth on Implants®, veneers, Invisalign, CEREC Crowns, teeth whitening etc.

Choosing the right dentist and dental practice is critical to ensure you can achieve the best results while enjoying the best experience possible as a patient.

If you are thinking about transforming your smile, take a few moments to consider these questions every patient should ask to help get you moving in the right direction.

Am I an ideal candidate for cosmetic dentistry?

Invariably, the answer is yes — there is usually always a way to enhance your appearance, starting with enhanced oral health or perhaps teeth whitening. But whether you are a candidate for a particular procedure will depend on a full examination of your mouth by a highly experienced dental practitioner to assess your current condition and needs, and what cosmetic options would best fit your individual requirements.

What are my options?

The variety of cosmetic services available will depend largely on the training and experience of a specific dentist. Some popular cosmetic solutions are dental implants, veneers, Invisalign, teeth whitening.

Missing teeth? Dental Implants could be right for you!

Got crooked or chipped teeth? Veneers are the go!

Want brighter more luminous teeth? Teeth Whitening treatment can do the trick!

After straighter teeth without braces? Invisalign clear aligners is your answer!

Your dentist will walk you through what suitable treatment options are available and work in partnership with you to determine what options best suit you and your needs.

Are my expectations realistic?

That will first depend on what the dentist identifies during your consultation and if this also aligns with your smile goals. Your consultation will also include studying the bigger picture — how certain changes might affect not only your smile but your overall facial appearance. At Mingara Dental & Implant Centre our team will work with you to co design your new smile and enable you to even test drive it before treatment.

What skills, qualifications and experience does the dentist have?

When choosing the right dentist for you, especially when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, it is important to consider their qualifications and experience. This can help you to determine whether the dentist has the necessary skills and training to execute the treatment you require.

During a cosmetic dentistry consultation, ask the dentist what type of treatment they have previously performed and what outcomes they have had for patients. Check out Mingara Dentals awesome before and after cases featured in their dedicated smile gallery.

Mingara Dental & Implant Centres, Practice Principal, Dr David Bassal has completed a Masters course in implantology, at the prestigious Brener Implant Institute, offering the latest in clinically sound treatment for the replacement of missing or broken teeth. In addition, he has followed a move toward digital dentistry, using state-of-the-art equipment and modern techniques that are both quick and painless with an emphasis on minimally invasive treatment to produce predictable results. Dr David Bassal is also a Founder of Australasian Implant Academy (AIA), Australian Dental & Implant Group and the Central Coast Implant Institute (CCII).

Read more about Dr David Bassal’s bio.

Read about the Mingara Dental & Implant Centres team and their qualifications here.

Can I design my own smile and see how my smile will look prior?

In today’s day and age, you really want to see expected results prior to treatment, with advanced technology this is now possible and that is exactly what we do for our patients at Mingara Dental & Implant Centre. The dental practitioners at Mingara Dental are master’s in digital Smile Design (DSD), an innovative approach to cosmetic dentistry that enables patients to visualize the end result prior to having the procedure performed.

DSD involves digital photography and computer-aided design programs to aid dentists with planning cosmetic and restorative dental treatments more reliably, efficiently, and effectively. This allows patients and dentists to see the final result of the planned procedure improving accuracy, and enabling modifications and adjustments before the procedure, resulting in greater patient satisfaction with the outcome.

What will it cost?

This will depend on the treatment plan you and your dentist choose to develop together. Some treatments like teeth whitening are relatively inexpensive, while procedures like dental implants are more significant investments. You should also consider the costs associated with your time and longevity of treatment. Some treatments require only a single visit, while others may take longer to complete. The caring and experienced team at Mingara Dental & Implant Centre can talk you through the best options to suit you and also offer convenient payment plan options.

How long will it take?

This will vary depending on the type of treatment that has been recommended and selected. Your dentist will explain comprehensively the step-by-step process of what the treatment will involve and how long each phase will take. They will also do their best to accommodate your requirements, budget, and lifestyle needs.

Can I get dental sedation and pain relief?

Your dentist can inform you of your dental sedation and pain relief options. Having dental treatment while you are asleep is known as Sleep Dentistry and may also be referred to as Dental Sedation, Sleep Sedation, Twilight Sedation and Sedation Dentistry and involves IV sedation and anaesthesia to induce sleep and reduce pain, awareness, and recollection during dental procedures. This is particularly useful if you, like many Australians are anxious about dental treatment.

Dr David Bassal, Practice Principal at Mingara Dental & Implant Centre also regularly performs surgery at Brisbane Waters Private Hospital and Tuggerah Lakes Private Hospital in partnerships with their highly trained and experienced teams offering General Anaesthetics for patients in a safe environment in some of Central Coasts best private hospital facilities.

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